10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Décor Ideas

Are you left feeling uninspired by traditional nursery color schemes? Or are you just resisting knowing the gender of your baby until the big day?

From striking patterns and bright colors to simple furnishings and accessories, more and more parents are ditching the outdated idea of blue for boys and pink for girls when styling their nursery.

Here are 10 gender-neutral nursery décor ideas that you will feel proud to bring your baby boy or baby girl home to.

This nursery shows that gray and yellow are always a winning combination for a gender neutral room. Breaking up a gray interior with splashes of yellow gives the room a bright feel. The different textures in the rug and pom poms are sure to create a visually stimulating space for your baby.

Don’t be afraid to pick and mix patterns. This nursery combines geometric prints to create a modern, yet playful setting. The triangle pattern on the walls and the chevron embellished rug contrast the neutral furniture and walls perfectly. The gold beanbag and accessories add a touch of luxury to the room. 

This décor design is a prime example of how bright colors can work in a nursery setting. Brimming with character, we love how the complementary orange and green tones prove that a gender-neutral room can be bold.

Pretty and playful décor reigns supreme in this bright and colorful nursery. We adore the multi-colored polka dot walls that really bring this room to life. The jade green furniture and the sunlight yellow rug complement the wall perfectly, and continue the fun theme into the rest of the space. 

This nursery is awash with calming neutral tones, with pops of bright colors in the accessories maintaining interest in the room. From the monochrome rug to the plush cushions and throws, comfort is at the core of this gender neutral nursery design.

This woodland inspired nursery is as magical as it is enchanting. The sage green walls are the perfect backdrop for both boys and girls, and the eye-catching patterns on the rug and blanket add style to the space. The collection of bookshelves provide an opportunity to add more color to the room.

All things bright and beautiful combine to create this imaginative nursery design. Clashing colors and patterns take center stage to create a fun and quirky theme. Playful red and white mushrooms collect in a cluster next to a chair covered in bright pastel stripes.

Green and yellow are a match made in heaven here. Perfect for girls and boys alike, we love the originality that the lighting design provides, and the nod to nature in the cute wall-hung animal prints. The cloud-like rug and the monochrome blanket ensure comfort, while the contemporary bright yellow rocking-chair steals the show.

Cultivate a love of animals from day one with this soothing nature-inspired décor. A feature wall takes center stage in this serene animal-themed nursery, with pops of gray that add contrast to the simple furniture made of natural wood.

Inspired by the beauty of the moon and the stars, this gender neutral design is both elegant and enchanting. We adore the soothing neutral color theme with pops of yellow to brighten the mood. This design shows real commitment to the theme with stars and moons sprinkled across the walls, the furnishings and the accessories. 


Fran Whittaker-Wood
Home Improvements Expert

Fran loves all things home. She is passionate about finding the best architecture, design and home interior projects from around the world, and has a keen interest in discovering the newest and most exciting design trends.