10 Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you aren’t blessed with a lot of square footage, storage is the key to making the most of the space that you do have. If your house is cramped and space is limited, we have found 10 clever storage ideas to help you hide away your clutter and organize your belongings, to maximize your space and make your home feel roomy and welcoming.

Multitasking storage can not only help to keep clutter in check, but it can also be used to divide a living space. This innovative shelving unit creates the illusion of space with its open design and allows light to filter through keeping the room bright. Its design offers a practical, yet unobtrusive storage solution.

The best storage ideas hide away your belongings to bring you a space that’s uncluttered and minimalist. This clever TV cupboard opens to reveal concealed cabinets that keep clutter out of view.

Transform one of your walls into a library filled with your favourite reads with innovative built-in shelving designs. If you want extra room, but you don’t want to hide your belongings away, this storage idea is both decorative and plentiful, while serving a multi-functional purpose with the addition of a window seat.

Discreet storage ideas are always welcome and this built in storage unit doubles up as a headboard. This minimalistic design boasts ample storage for bedding, towels and throws. If you don’t have a linen closet, this is a subtle storage solution that ticks every box.

The staircase itself can become a storage unit. Turning stairs into concealed slide-out drawers provides a sneaky storage area for all of your essentials.

Building shelving into your hallway is a great way to make use of what is typically wasted space in a small home. Walls of double-storey shelves fold around the staircase from the hallway, allowing for the storage of books and smaller possessions.

The classic under-bed storage solution shows you how you can increase your storage space without using up valuable square footage. This storage solution would work wonders in even the smallest of rooms, with the deep compartments meaning even bulkier items can be put away.

Maximize your under-stairs storage capacity by adding open shelves. This staircase is now a multi-purpose feature that provides the perfect place to showcase your reading collection.

If you are short on space, dual purpose furniture is the key. This bedroom shelving unit provides shelves of different sizes and allows you to present your most prized possessions in style. If you need a place for your personal trinkets, this feature shelving is just the thing.

Transform the wasted space underneath your staircase into a storage haven with shelves and cubbies galore. With bigger shelves for boots and shoes, and compact shelves to store clothes and accessories, this staircase is ideal should you require extra closet space.

Fran Whittaker-Wood
Home Improvements Expert

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