15 Inspirational Staircase Designs for your Home

A staircase is a functional addition to any home and an area that is often overlooked, but thanks to these innovative design ideas, this feature can be anything but ordinary. Be inspired by these unique staircase designs and let your stairs take center stage.

Modern and minimalist, this cantilevered staircase is the ultimate statement design. It gives the illusion that the stairs are floating and opens up the space to create a hallway that is bright and airy.

This staircase gives the illusion that the steps are suspended only by wires. The mahogany and metal elements are a winning combination.

A straightforward staircase design is given a modern update with Perspex steps. The wall lighting when combined with the complete transparency of the staircase is visually stunning and would make a unique addition to any home.

A staircase that encourages you to pause for thought is a wonderful concept and it doesn’t get much more inspiring than this feminine and curvaceous design. The first three steps are independent while the remaining steps are connected with a ribbon-like design.

This unusual spiral staircase combines a trio of materials to make an immediate impression. Open treads allows light to pass through, brightening what could have been a dark space.

The chunky brick-like steps contrast the curves of this staircase nicely to create a fascinating yet artistic design. We adore the wood steps and the way they fan out to create a walkway. Compact yet captivating, this space-saving staircase is the ideal way to make the most of your space.

This spiral staircase is truly one of a kind. This modern, futuristic design is more a work of art than a functional way to move from one level of the home to another. Its unique design will add a unique selling point to your home.

This zen-like staircase adds a certain energy to the home. The industrial style concrete stairs are softened by glowing wall lights, and its distinctive cut-out design definitely has the wow factor.

This staircase emphasizes virtual space with an endless spiral design. This dramatic staircase fulfills more than just function and invites you in with its strong sculptural qualities.

This ladder-esque staircase design is fun and playful, adding originality to any space while incorporating clever storage solutions.

This floating staircase instantly draws the eye while flooding the property with light. The Perspex banister adds a child-friendly element without compromising on beauty and style.

Inspired by the geometric trend, this staircase design is all about contrast. The black geometrical bars have an industrial feel about them that contrasts with the simplicity and solidarity of the white staircase below.

This angular staircase design represents Japanese minimalism, with the stairs fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. The rich mahogany wood adds a touch of warmth and traditional grandeur to an otherwise contemporary design.

This sculptural spiral staircase is a stunning showpiece that makes quite the impact. The leaf-like design curves effortlessly with each leaf-shaped step smaller than the one before.

This staircase complements the light and bright space perfectly and boasts a handy storage space below. It’s free-standing design makes it the focal point of this bedroom.

Fran Whittaker-Wood
Home Improvements Expert

Fran loves all things home. She is passionate about finding the best architecture, design and home interior projects from around the world, and has a keen interest in discovering the newest and most exciting design trends.