8 of the Most Amazing Treehouses

Think treehouses are just for children? Think again. Constructed for different purposes from luxury getaways to exclusive event venues, these treehouses prove that they aren’t just something to enjoy as a kid.

1. Costa Verde Resort, Costa Rica 

This innovative treehouse is constructed from a re-purposed 1965 Boeing 727 that was destined for the scrapyard, and now serves as a luxury hotel suite. Perched on a purpose-built ledge, this treehouse is nestled in the treetops of the Manuel Antonia National Park in Costa Rica. Inside you will find a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite, with a rooftop terrace over the wing of the plane from where you can enjoy views of the ocean.

2. The Mirrorcube, Sweden

Designed by Tham & Videgård architects, the Mirrorcube is one of the most unique treehouses in the world. Covered in mirrors, the cube reflects its surroundings to perfectly conceal itself from its natural environment. Offering a luxury hotel stay for two, it houses a bedroom, lounge and rooftop terrace, with six windows from which to admire views of the forest.

3. Fairy Tale Treehouse, England 

This castle-inspired treehouse was built by Blue Forest Ltd. Specialising in the design and construction of luxury treehouses, the UK-based award-winning company have designed family-oriented treetop retreats around the globe, that feature fun details such as canopy walkways and assault courses.

4. The Bird’s Nest, Sweden 

The appropriately named Bird’s Nest perches amongst the treetops in Sweden, and was designed by Inredningsgruppen architects. Enclosed by giant branches, its exterior mimics a real bird’s nest to enable you to camouflage into your surroundings. This awesome treehouse is large enough to accommodate four people for a secluded woodland vacation, and has retractable stairs so you can truly shut yourself away from the world.

5. The Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

The Redwoods Treehouse in Auckland, New Zealand is a cocoon-shaped structured situated 10 meters above the ground on a 40 meter high redwood tree. Accessed by an elevated treetop walkway, it can be hired out for private functions including corporate events and weddings. Built from planks of sustainably grown pine and poplar wood separated by panels of space, this treehouse is filled with natural light and air.  

6. Takasugi-an, Japan

Takasugi-an by architect Terunobu Fujimori, is a treehouse that is actually a traditional Japanese tea house. Its literal translation is “a tea house [built] too high”. Built on top of two chestnut trees, it is accessible only by free-standing wooden ladders that lean against one of the trees supporting the structure. With the interior made from just plaster and bamboo mats, this humble space is designed to be used for tea ceremony gatherings with space for just four and a half tatami mats (29 square feet).

7. The HemLoft, Canada 

The HemLoft treehouse in Whistler, Canada was a self-funded secret creation of carpenter Joel Allen who wanted his own little place in the woods. Hanging from the side of a sharp slope, the egg-shaped HemLoft was built around a 60ft tree and constructed mainly from recycled materials sourced from around Vancouver.

8. The UFO, Sweden

Designed by Inredningsgruppen architects (the same group who created the Bird’s Nest), the UFO is the most playful treehouse on this list. Suspended 6 meters above the forest floor, the alien metal construction is composed of durable composite materials to make it light, yet strong. Able to accommodate up to five people, the UFO’s interior is as out of this world as its exterior, with constellation-patterned bed sheets and planet-shaped cushions.

Fran Whittaker-Wood
Home Improvements Expert

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