Color Trends for 2017

Behr has just released its 2017 color palette to bring you inspiration for your next décor update. The palette draws influence from personality, and is divided into three collections: Confident, Composed and Comfortable. The Confident collection is made up of bold and daring colors that create drama in a room.

The Composed collection features warm earthy tones and deep hues, suitable for a traditional, yet contemporary design. Then there’s the Comfortable palette. Full of muted pastels with a feminine feel, these colors are ideal for those who are less adventurous with color and prefer a more subtle finish.

If your home décor doesn’t currently reflect your personality, these inspirational interiors will help you to choose the perfect color scheme.

Confident: Blue-Green. Opt for a bright backdrop in this bold blue-green shade and update a tired kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Team this color with black and white to really make it pop.

Confident: Burnt Orange. Make a bold statement with a wall color that’s fun and exotic. Ideal for an accent wall, burnt orange can create a focal point that really catches the eye, and adds an element of adventure to any space.

Confident: Spicy Red. Red is the perfect shade to choose to add drama to a room and unsurprisingly, it is ideal for confident personalities. While spicy red is a powerful and commanding color, it is also warm and inviting and can really liven up a social space such as a sitting room or a dining room

Composed: Olive Green. Calming and chic, olive green is a simple yet stylish choice for a bedroom or a living area. Mix it with neutral earthy tones such as browns and taupes to create a room that is serene and inspired by nature.

Composed: Deep Blue. This deep blue hue creates a powerful backdrop to any dining room. Complement it with jewel-toned accessories and contemporary copper elements to create an impact.

Composed: Slate Gray. Gray is a great choice when you wish to add sophistication and class to a space. The wall adds simplicity, complemented by the darker-toned gray chairs which are add a contemporary feel.

Comfortable: Dusky Pink. This muted pastel pink is guaranteed to add a touch of sweetness to your seating area. It complements a powder blue wall perfectly. Pair it with rose golds and copper metallics for an on-trend finish.

Comfortable: Taupe. This soft taupe shade is at home in a laid back living room and is the color of choice for comfortable personalities. Team it with muted grays and dusty pink hues for a color palette that is chic and ethereal.

Comfortable: Soft Yellow. Yellow draws on feelings of happiness, and works especially well in a living room. Use it in small doses to give any room a pop of color amongst natural tones. From wall art to furniture and accessories, soft yellow is a fail-safe shade.

Fran Whittaker-Wood
Home Improvements Expert

Fran loves all things home. She is passionate about finding the best architecture, design and home interior projects from around the world, and has a keen interest in discovering the newest and most exciting design trends.