6 Tips to Create a Calm Bedroom

A bedroom should be a calming sanctuary in which to relax and unwind after a busy day. It’s the place that we rely on for a peaceful slumber. After all, achieving a good night’s sleep is important for our energy, productivity, mood and health. If you want to transform your bedroom into so much more than just a place to rest your head, we’ve put together 6 design tips that will enable you to create a calm bedroom environment.

Use a Muted Colour Scheme. The first thing to address when creating a calm and tranquil space is the color scheme. Every color comes with its own set of associations and each one has its own effect on our mood. For a calming space it is wise to swap bold, energizing shades such as red and orange for muted colors such as soft grays, blues and neutral greens which promote relaxation and rest.

Avoid Harsh Lighting. Lighting is important when it comes to creating a calming ambience. Bright lighting can make a room feel cold and clinical, so introduce subtle lighting in the form of a bedside lamp, and spotlights that you can dim at the touch of a button. Two sources of light are better than one. Your lighting should be functional, but also multi-purpose so that you can adjust its brightness to match your mood.

Embrace Minimalism. A cluttered room is anything but relaxing so opt for minimalist décor in your bedroom that creates a contemporary feel, yet promotes tranquility. Make use of clever storage to ensure that everything has its place, and apply a “less is more” approach when it comes to furnishings and embellishments. A clear bedroom equals a clear mind.

Indulge in Luxury. When it comes to creating a calm bedroom, comfort is key. Think cozy fabrics, plush textures and sumptuous furnishings. This will help you to achieve that good night’s sleep. Pick out a few key accessories to add the finishing touches to your bedroom to give it a luxurious feel.

Add a Plant. Nature tends to have a calming effect, so why not bring the outside in when transforming your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. A well placed plant will add a splash of color to your space, and help to boost your wellness. Opting for air purifying plants such as Aloe Vera will also get rid of any nasty chemicals and pollutants in your air.

Include a Comfortable Chair. If you want to add an element of calm to your bedroom, create your own little nook to relax in. A chair is the perfect place to unwind and read a book, and is the ideal finishing touch to your bedroom. Take time out and enjoy some “me time” with a comfortable, yet practical seating option.

Fran Whittaker-Wood
Home Improvements Expert

Fran loves all things home. She is passionate about finding the best architecture, design and home interior projects from around the world, and has a keen interest in discovering the newest and most exciting design trends.