Even the best roofing job can fall victim to age, the elements, and acts of God. When the inevitable happens, repairing or replacing your roof will prevent expensive problems down the line.

A new roof will make your home more energy efficient and will protect it from the weather.

Should you decide to sell your home, a new roof will add value and will make your property more attractive.


When re-roofing your home it is worth considering replacing some of your roof with solar tiles.

Solar tiles protect your home from the elements and power your home with free electricity at the same time.


The overall cost of a roof replacement ranges from $4,600 to $8,800 or more.

Among the factors that influence cost are the size of the roof, time of year, materials, labor, and geometry (i.e., a roof with multiple angles, skylights, and dormers is likely to be more expensive than a flat roof, or a steep-slope roof that lacks these features).


Inexpensive, easy to install, and very durable, it’s easy to see why asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing choice. Available in multiple styles and colors, they’re waterproof and suited to a  wide range of temperatures, making them as practical as they are attractive.


A tile or slate roof can be an attractive option if you live in an older home and want to keep it period correct. While heavy, expensive, and a challenge to install, both options are not only attractive, but also fireproof and impervious to rot.


Environmentally friendly, durable, and lightweight, metal roofing is no longer confined to warehouses and commercial structures.

Metal roofs may consist of ribbed steel panels or metal shingles. They’re expensive and a challenging install, but they’re easy to maintain, longer-lasting, and can even lower insurance. Bonus: if your metal roof is losing its luster but is otherwise sound, a simple repainting brings it back to life.

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